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Who We Are

Welcome to Cucina MORINI, where the vibrant flavors and coastal influences of Southern Italy come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Chef Matt Adler, in collaboration with the acclaimed team behind Osteria MORINI in Washington D.C., brings the best of Southern Italian cooking straight to your plate in the heart of our nation’s capital.

Anchored by the 10 year legacy of Osteria Morini in the Navy Yard, Cucina MORINI takes a distinctively Southern Italian approach to cuisine while upholding the same standards of excellence, consistency, and service. At Cucina MORINI, we pay homage to the rich culinary traditions of Italy’s enchanting coast to the South. Using only the highest-quality ingredients, our menu offers a delightful array of fresh crudi dishes alongside handmade pasta and signature specialties inspired by the flavors of the region.

Step into Cucina MORINI and immerse yourself in the convivial spirit of coastal Italy. Imbibe with a refreshing spritz and order some cicchetti at our Aperitivo Bar before transitioning to the main dining room. Here, every dish tells a story of sun-soaked markets, seaside trattorias, and the warm hospitality of coastal living.

Embracing the philosophy of food to table, we invite you to savor each bite in the company of friends and loved ones. Our dining experience is free flowing, encouraging you to indulge, enjoy, and create lasting memories with every visit.

Join us at Cucina MORINI and experience the irresistible charm and culinary delights of Southern Italy brought to life in the heart of Washington D.C. Welcome to a place where tradition meets innovation, and every dish is a celebration of coastal living. 

Welcome to Cucina MORINI.

Chef / Partner

Chef Matt Adler's culinary journey with Altamarea Group began in 2009 at Convivio, a Michelin Starred and New York Times 3 Star restaurant, where he honed his skills as Chef di Cucina specializing in southern Italian cuisine. In 2013, he brought his expertise to Washington DC as Executive Chef at Osteria Morini – Washington DC, collaborating closely with Chef Bill Dorrler to craft innovative menus. Beyond his contributions to the Altamarea Group, Matt is also the Chef/Partner at Caruso’s Grocery, an Italian American eatery with two thriving locations, a concept he helped launch in early 2021.

Deeply inspired by his extensive travels and studies of regional Italian cooking, particularly the vibrant flavors of southern Italy, Matt infuses Cucina MORINI with the essence of his recent month-long exploration along Sicily's captivating coastline. Alongside a few signature MORINI dishes, the restaurant showcases a diverse array of offerings, including pristine crudo, seasonal vegetable creations, artisanal pasta, and exquisitely prepared seafood. Matt's return from Sicily has ignited a fervor to share these newfound flavors and experiences with the vibrant culinary scene of Washington DC, embodying his commitment to bringing authentic Italian cuisine to the forefront.